Association for the Advancement of Voice Art, Performance Art and Conceptual Art
Extended Voice in/and Performance Art

Conference on 1st and 2nd February 2014
in Cologne/Germany

 German version / Deutsche Version

During the last two decades performance art has made an enormous impact leading it from a more or less marginal existence between Avantgarde and Underground right into the very centre of the artistic world. Extended voice can´t tell a comparable story of success but has as well become an artform of ist own since the last decades. Both artforms share the intention to enquire about the essence of art and aim at redefining the link between art and life in a new way. How do their attempts to answer these questions compare? Where is the artistic interface between Extended Voice and Performance Art?
Association stimmfeld e.V. has been engaging for some time with researching the relations of extended voice und performance art and has now taken initiative to invite artists of both disciplines to meet and discuss their artistic goals and framework in February 2014. This meeting or conference is initiated and presided by the voice and performance artist Ralf Peters.
The invited artists will give short lectures about their current ideas of performance art. They will inform the subsequent plenum discussions.


 Andrea Pagnes (Venice), artist, curator und author. With his partner, German artist Verena Stenke the duo works internationally under the name VestAndPage (see also their performance-based movie trilogy “sin∞fin The Movie” – They are the independent curatorial force behind the “Venice International Performance Art Week” that took place in its first edition in Dezember 2012. They have published their researches on contemporary and performance art in various essays and books, latest: “The Fall of Faust”, Florence 2010. (

 Boris Nieslony (Cologne), one of the most important performance artists in Germany. He has been part of the international performance scene for decades and runs one of the largest archives of performance art. ( and (

 Lisa Steib (Leipzig), art historian, working on a PhD thesis on the American artist Terry Fox (1943-2008), one of the pioneers of performance art ( She will lecture about Terry Fox's work and his idea of performance.

 Karin Meiner (Burgbrohl), performance and media artist, with one of her artistic focusses on interactive performances in the social world. ( and (

 Susanne Weins (Düsseldorf), voice and performance artist, acknowledged Roy Hart voice teacher, director of the atelier “Atelier of Performative Arts” in Düsseldorf. (

 Dr. Ralf Peters (Cologne), extended voice artist, performer, co-founder of the voice performance ensemble “KörperSchafftKlang”, doctor of philosophy, acknowledged Roy Hart voice teacher. (

Topics for discussion: What is the current situation related to these two art forms? In what direction might they evolve? What are the common aspects of both arts, how can we disover the shared ground of extended voice and performance art and how can we best make use of it artistically?
This research has already been in the focus of the Festival “open_voice/2 Roy Hart: Extended Voice heute” that stimmfeld e.V. presented in April and May 2012. With the conference of 2014 we will be continuing our research. A documentation of the festival and the lectures given there is to be found on this website (click here).

Place: Loft, Wissmannstrasse 30, Cologne-Ehrenfeld
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 Interview (in German): Ralf Peters and Susanne Weins on WDR3 TonArt from January, 30th, 2014
(For copyright reasons we cannot publish the interview. On request we will send you a link to the file.)


» [...] Thanks for the inspiring event! What I've heard, will influence my artistic development and I look forward to the work. [...] «

» [...] after the weekend in the Loft I wanted to say that it was very nice for me to be able to be there. I enjoyed the respectful, inspiring and loving atmosphere very much. And I could take something total important for myself: the confidence to have found people in the voice field who enrich my life’s journey very much. Therefor from the heart THANK YOU. [...] «

» [...] Because I could not say goodbye yesterday personally – I had to reach the train – I make up for it here, thank you! for everything what I have got and was allowed to take with me and I wish your association and your activities furthermore so much inspiration, liveliness and friendship.
After all – you have hostet us also so fantastically, this must be also said. Also this I have noted – the apple pie made with ginger, the vegetable soup with all kinds of exotic spices... but now also I have a better plan for a piece (music) again which should be performed on Thursday and I was stretched to my limits at the moment. [...] «

» [...] I found the conference also really great and exciting and very enriching. I have not dealt before yet significantly with performance and therefore have experienced a lot of new. And the atmosphere and care were fantastic. That was also like it was back then at the festival where I have got to know you. I immediately felt so good! [...] You simply spread by your kind already a lot of warmness and around you there are gathering so much warmhearted, dear people who spread then even more warmness and someone gets infected. Thanks to you all! [...] «

Photos: © UJB  (UJB photography)